2009 | 1(37) | 83-101
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Refleksje o powołaniu w chrześcijańskiej koncepcji wychowania

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Some Reflections on Vocation in the Christian Conception of Education
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Christian is a religion that assumes the personalistic and integral conception of man. The human individual is an individual and personal being with physical (carnal) and spiritual (religious, eschatological) dimensions. In the process of shaping a mature Christian personality the awareness of vocation, hope for full (physical, intellectual, social, and religious-moral) development, and accomplishment of the human goal worthy of the person play an important role. The awareness of one's own calling, general (to holiness) and personal (to a particular social role), are important elements in Christian education. This education is based on the principles of religion initiated by Jesus, and it consists in conveying His message and self-improvement of the faithful in conformity with the rules of the Gospel. The latter's ideal being the love of God and brotherly love among people. Now analysing the issue of vocation and hope in Christian education one may state that in the light of the Catholic doctrine man is a person capable of development. In this process it is important that the faithful understand their own calling and adopt attitudes of love and hope. Hope strengthens motivation to realise general propositions and individual obligations, that is, social roles. Man is called by God to salvation and definite tasks. With his autonomous decision he responds to this calling by his respective way of life. The latter shoud be imbued with the faith in God, love of God and neighbour, and hope that one has some opportunities for development, perfectibility (to be holy) and eternal life. According to Christian understanding, God with His independent decision endows man with the gift of calling to life and holiness. Man may accept this proposal or not. Acting against God's intention, however, always brings forth dramatic consequences. To sum up, we may say that the attitude of Christian hope helps us overcome the difficulties in our worldly life, so that we can make efforts to accomplish the goal of the Kingdom of God (heaven). The awarness of one's own vocation and a clear goal, i.e. life with God and eternal bliss, are important elements that confer the ultimate sense on human existence and factors conducive to the personal development of man.
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  • Katedra Pedagogiki Społecznej Katolickiego Uniwersytetu Lubelskiego Jana Pawła II
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