2017 | 27 | 3 | 21-33
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Multi-method and multi-criteria decision analysis of objects in a computerized decision support system

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A multimethod approach to the multicriteria analysis and assessment of objects (rankings, grouping, econometric assessments) have been presented. This issue is a field of research and engineering associated with the construction and application of a computerized decision support system (DSS 2.0). In terms of the proposed approach, the functionality of the developed prototype has been illustrated based on a practical example of the assessment of employees and the analysis of remuneration. The Electre TRI method of grouping derived from a relational model complements ranking methods well (e.g., AHP) based on the functional model. Grouping reveals cases, where all or the vast majority of objects in a ranking were clustered within one class (e.g., in the best or the worst one).
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