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Pharaoh triumphing over an enemy. Remarks on a scene from Aksha

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As part of a broader action of salvaging Nubian antiquities in January 1961 a Franco-Argentine Archaeological Expedition commenced work within the area of the temple of Ramesses II (1279-1213 BC) at Aksha. Independently from the remains of temple architecture two carved lintels were discovered at that time. One of them depicted Ramesses II smiting a sole Nubian. The scene, except from the king’s throne name and proper name, is accompanied by the text: “The Good God who kills hundred-thousands, striking the South, crushing the North, one roaring like Nut, strong like Monthu”. The carving is meticulous, the Southerner is properly characterized according to the convention popular in Egyptian art at the time. With regard to the composition the scene falls into the most popular conception of contrasting the victorious ruler’s superiority with the enemy’s humiliation. Independently, it is also an important visualization of the idea of consolidating the cosmic order of universum (m3ct) against the powers of evil and chaos (jsft).
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