2020 | 65 | 1 | 135–147
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Refleksje nad historią nauki na marginesie książki Stefana Zameckiego Życie wśród innych, Warszawa 2019

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Reflections on the history of science on the margins of Stefan Zamecki’s Życie wśród innych [Life among Others], Warsaw 2019
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The author, inspired by Stefan Zamecki’s autobiography: Życie wśród innych [Life among Others] and the life-path of this scholar, reflects on Polish historiography of science. These deliberations are not free from personal notes and associations referring to the figures of Polish historiography of science and the hero of the analysed book. Jaromir Jeszke uses here a flexible formula of Reflections on the margins of... From the theoretical perspective of the history of science, the author finds the following fields of Stefan Zamecki’s activity particularly inspiring: 1) his attempts to introduce – and consistently use in his works – the concept of ‘science’ and its subdisciplines, e.g. ‘chemistry’; 2) organising and conducting (together with Prof. Alina Motycka, philosopher from the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences) a nationwide seminar: ‘Context of discovery in the history of the field of science’, which was held from the mid-1990s to 2002; 3) his scientific vision of the history of science together with its organizational location among sciences on science; 4) his analytical studies on a scientific journal with a century-old tradition: Nauka Polska. Jej Potrzeby, Organizacja i Rozwój [Polish Science. Needs, Organization and Development]. Stefan Zamecki appears to the author as a critical, skeptical and aloof scholar who walked into the history of science through studies on chemistry and philosophy. This experience has shaped his theoretical, ‘boundary’, not always accepted, but inspirational attitudes.
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  • Warszawa 2018.
  • Zamecki S., Życie wśród innych, Warszawa 2019.
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