2016 | 13 | 341-350
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Of an animal that enchanted and conquered the world. A concept history of humankind according to Yuval N. Harari

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The article takes up for a closer scrutiny the concept of universal human history, i.e. of the Homo Sapiens, since the very beginning of the species around 70 thousand years ago. And already here surfaces the key characteristics of Y. N. Harari’s attempt to write a concise history – it is a history of an animal called Sapiens, ordered in the sequence of three major historical revolutions: cognitive, agricultural and scientific. The first one, 70 thousand years ago, sparked off our history and consisted in creating a language, the next enabled our rapid civilization development some 10 thousand years ago. And the last one has been in operation since about the year 1500. The author critically assesses human achievements, especially in terms of long-term interfering in natural and global processes and rejects any claims for human’s privileged position in nature.
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  • (1.02.2017).
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