2013 | 1 | 34-40
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Rationalism in action as basis for the fight against the crisis

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Different scenarios are devoted to current events, some assume in nature disaster, seeing the collapse of the euro area and the EU. Others, however, although they have every day more and more, they see consolidation in the crisis of the Eurozone and the EU whole as a result of taking any effective action as it was accompanied by the previous diaphragms. Danger, which involves the actual destabilization can induce that the old member countries might be tempted to focus on cooperation, without looking for new partners making increasingly difficulties, which are trying to highlight their demands by blocking the decision-making process of the Union. In turn, some of the new members of the Union may fall into claustrophobic selfimportance (inability?) such countries, covering their weaknesses by external threats will increase abstinence in relation to joint to the decision-making process. We believe that the European Union has rolled off on Hallsteinow bicycle integration, maybe not so far but certainly into a side road. The authors of this article are “for” the creation of a better Europe, a united, strong and open to trade. But throughout this process, let us not forget about our own countries which gives us a basis for political and civil freedoms, acting boundary fence with Eurosphere. Frederic Bastiat wrote If we are talking about us, I think that the country is not, or should not be anything other than a common force established in order not to become a tool of oppression and mutual plunder. On the contrary, it is in order to give everyone his due, and to prevailed justice and security.
  • Wydział Prawa i Administracji, Uniwersytet Opolski
  • Wydział Prawa i Administracji, Uniwersytet Opolski
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