2013 | 2 (8) | 139-155
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Grywalizacja – wykorzystanie elementów gier do modyfikowania zachowań ludzi

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Gamification – modification of human behaviours by usage of games’ elements
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This article provides information about possible usage of mechanisms known from games in issues that are not related to games. A relatively new phenomenon, which still does not have its official name in Polish language, has recently become more popular. At the beginning of this article one will find the description of the main changes that have led to the increase of interest of this phenomenon. Next the definition of gamification, together with the description of its main features, will be provided. The final part contains the set of rules, which every system that is implementing gamification elements should contain. There is also a list of threats that should be omitted. Together with theoretical description, examples that show already implemented systems are presented in this paper.
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