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2017 | 9(73) | 143-154

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Methodology of stimulation of disorders overcompensation.

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In the article the heuristic-synergetic medic-psychological-pedagogical method of stimulation of disorders overcompensation is offeredThe synergetic methods of disorders direct overcompensation are used in the methodology. The methodology has propedevtical stage and five basic stages. During the preparatory stage arises the systemof intercommunications between the active subsystems of the first signal system of participants of overcompensatory process. Asaresultofrealizationofthefirstbasicstageofworkeveryparticipantofthe overcompensatoryprocessrevealsaninsufficientlywelldevelopedsubsystems B and D ofthe system“personality”. These subsystems can not be self-organized, there are appropriate subsystems B and D of the system “defect”. Subsystems B and D can not set between itself horizontal intercommunications through the greatest levels of the development as a result of presence between them subsystem C of the system “personality” of lower level of development, which has the appropriate subsystem in the system “defect”. In the issue of realization of the second basic stageof work the person reveals subsystems A and E of the system «personality» with the higher level of development, which would be related with subsystems B and D of the system «personality» with the lower level of development. In consequence of realization of the third basic stage of work the participants of overcompensatory process create complex image of itself with the higher level of development of subsystems A and E of the system “personality” and with intercommunications between them. On the fourth basic stage of work the person determines the way of overcompensation and will realize it: using the created complex image as attractor, the person carries out the process of overcompensation impossible of self-organization of subsystem B and D of the system “personality” to self-organization of subsystem A and E of the system “personality” to achieve its zone of the nearest progressive development. On the fifth basic stage of work, using the created synsense image as attractor, the participants of overcompensatory process continue to carry out the work, beginning on the fourth basic stage to achieve with subsystem A and E of the system “personality” to zone of the actual progressive development. The methodology is instrumental in forming in person the skills to set intermediates and ultimate goals correctly, to overcome difficulties, which arise in the process of reaching the goal. Healthy persons, persons with bad eyesight and dull hearing, persons with easy mental retardation and delay of psychical development, persons with child’s cerebral palsy can use this methodology.


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