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Męczeństwo za wiarę garnizonu z Gazy w okresie wczesnych podbojów muzułmańskich w świetle Opisu męczeństwa sześćdziesięciu męczenników z Gazy

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Martyrium of Gaza garrison during early Muslim conquests in the Psion in the sixty martyrs of Gaza
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Acts of sixty martyrs of Gaza is a Latin translation of the original text, describing conquest of Gaza and martyrology of Christian soldiers who died in name of Christian faith. There is little information describing capture of the garrison in VIIth century, thus the passion of Gaza martyrs is one of the few sources describing that event, allowing us to recreate the dramatic turn of events back then. It also describes Muslims attitude toward Christians in the middle east. The Author tries to identify the anonymous soldiers of Gaza Garrison who later gave their lives at the hands of Muslim conquerors because of they refuse to abandon Christianity.
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