2018 | 4 | 93-112
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Belgický teolog a geolog Henry de Dorlodot (1855–1929) a evoluční vznik člověka

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The Belgian Theologian and Geologist Henry de Dorlodot (1855–1929) and the Evolutionary Origin of Man
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This study presents the life and work of the Belgian geologist and professor of dogmatic theology Henry de Dorlodot (1855–1929). The author of this study presents the life of this thinker and highlights his active participation in the World Darwinist Congress in Cambridge in 1909. Dorlodot published his work about the evolution of fauna and flora from the point of view of Catholic Orthodoxy in 1921. This was the reason for an investigation by the Pontifical Biblical Commission, followed by one from the Holy Office. Dorlodot did not publish this intended book about human evolution during his lifetime. After the discovery of the original manuscript, the book came out in 2009. This work contains a number of inspirational ideas. Dorlodot’s thoughts are based on the Tomistic concept of the relationship between the soul and the human body. Based on this theory, he argues that the fetus has been ensouled during the process of evolution at a certain moment in the body of the still inhuman mother, and thus the first human was born. His thesis wherein the first man was an ancestor for both, today’s humans and the Neanderthals, is also of interest. Dorlodot´s case probably entailed a breaking point, since at this time no one had been investigated by the Vatican authorities for having an open minded attitude to the evolution of the human body.
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