2017 | XXIV | 39-46
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Fundacja sanktuarium Kubbat As-Sachra wyrazem pobożności lub polityki kalifa ABD AL-MALIKA IBN MARWANA

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Why Caliph Abd al-Malik Ibn Marwan built the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem?
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At the end of the seventh century Caliph Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan built the sanctuary Qubbat as-Sachra on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It is difficult to explain the reasons for this foundation. Perhaps he wanted to make it a place of hajj. During this time, Mecca was under the occupation of the anti-caliph Ibn Zubair. Another reason could be the desire to commemorate the night journey of the Prophet Muhammad. Available written sources do not clearly explain any of these hypotheses. The location, architecture and decoration suggest that the Caliph built a magnificent monument to the power and glory of Islam.
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