2014 | 10 | 255-276
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Problematyka podwodnych badań archeologicznych w kontekście dyskursów kulturowych

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The issue of underwater archaeological research in the context of cultural discourses
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Abstract: The article discusses theoretical assumptions and the terminology of underwater archaeological research and specialized areas of interest included in it, such as maritime and nautical archaeology. The introduction briefly describes the evolution of scientific underwater research in a pan-European context and Polish approaches. The main part of the text attempts to present and set in order most of the theoretical assumptions that are already in existence, which seems to be poorly known by the Polish archaeological community. The article is based on the studies by K. Muckelroy, S. McGrail, M. E. Jasinski and J. Adams. Special emphasis was placed on determining the scope of the research area in terms of maritime, underwater and nautical archaeology, which often are used in Poland interchangeably and the areas that currently need improvement or changing. In a separate sub-section, the issue of maritime cultural landscapes are presented. It is a concept which was framed by Ch. Westerdahl and presents the meaning of artefacts related to a „water” environment, but which have been deposited on land. Their inclusion yields a wider and more holistic understanding of past relations and cultural landscapes. The potential for widely understood underwater research conducted in Poland does not yet seem to have been fully exploited. It is appropriate, therefore, to use the material that already exists and exploit it in a wider theoretical framework rather than simply working on gaining new material
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