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2018 | 1(58) | 7-27

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Urban fantasy — literatura Niewidocznego



Title variants

Urban fantasy — A Literature of the Unseen

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This article analyses the nature of urban fantasy by aggregating the claims, suggestions, and observations made by several different accounts of what urban fantasy is. These accounts comprise six scholarly sources and four sources written by people who are producers and purveyors of urban fantasy. An eleventh “account” is made up of the impressions conveyed by a vast number of book covers identified through Google Image Search. These eleven accounts are analysed with regard to their views on worlds and settings, cities and urbanity, central characters, and the sources of fantastic elements. Finally, the article presents how three major threads in the accounts reveal that urban fantasy has a central, thematic concern with the Unseen. This Unseen is largely related to a social Other that portrays unpleasant aspects of urban life, such as criminality, homelessness, addiction, prostitution, and physical and sexual abuse.





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  • University of Gothenburg
  • Uniwersytet Jagielloński


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