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Ageing society – a review of strategies for action

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It is expected that during 1980 – 2020 the population of older people worldwide will increase by 240%. The objective of the study was to review strategies undertaken in various countries in association with the ageing of society. This analysis may be used for the selection of actions, which are necessary for the construction and performance of social and health policy in Poland. A method of choice was an analysis of academic literature. The WHO specified health promotion as the most important goal of the policy for seniors. Individual countries adopt many varied strategies of action. In Poland, the introduction of nursing insurance and development of geriatric medicine are primarily proposed. In Japan, the emphasis is placed on enabling the elderly the longest occupational activity possible, and the development of primary health care. For the Swedish, the priority is guaranteed support for family caregivers, while in the United States - an increase in the accessibility of environmental care. There are many strategies developed on an international forum whose purpose is to provide care for the growing number of seniors. The strategies adopted by individual countries are much varied. The basic postulates are a development of geriatric medicine and integration of the systems of health services and social security. The literature lacks reports on the effectiveness of the implemented strategies.
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