2013 | 131 | 72-80
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Zachodnie wzorce i wewnątrzsystemowe determinanty zarządzania szkolnictwem wyższym w Polsce

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Internal and International Determinants of Higher Education Management in Poland
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On the management structure of higher education an equivalent impact have external interaction as well as the internal determinants. Higher education facilities compete with each other in the regional and global dimension on the free market basis. European universities are evolving into open organizations for the environment. The model of added value creation is changing: in traditional model supply and demand of services were important, nowadays value-added are new stakeholders (business communities, particularly the local ones, local authorities, NGOs), and it is the inclusion of those entities, which, as institutionalized or not, have a real impact on the decisions of institutions of higher education, should be seen as a strategic goal. The autonomy of public universities is in fact limited by law, forcing submission to the pattern established by the state. Despite this, the state has little ability to pursue the assumed educational and science policy. The current structure of management in higher education is not sufficiently clear and unwieldy, and substantive autonomy of universities is lower than in many other EU and OECD countries. The article attempts to answer the question to which extent solutions and experiences of European higher education systems are able to influence the reform process launched in Poland and to identify constraints inside the system which slow this process.
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