2013 | 1(39) | 85-99
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Geostatistical model (2D) of the surface distribution of electricity transmission marginal costs

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The paper presents a surface model of the accounting costs of electricity transmission over the 220 kV and 400 kV networks. In the further stages of the studies, taking into account the results of structural analysis of marginal costs variation, an estimation technique, such as the ordinary (block) kriging, was used to build the model (2D). The model describes the area and time variation of marginal costs, and has great potential in the electrical power sector, especially in the context of the development of market mechanisms in electric energy trading. The model has made it possible to observe the existing tendencies in cost (directional and time) variation, which is useful for setting electricity transmission tariffs stimulating properly the behaviour of the electric power network users – the electricity suppliers and consumers. Thus, this way of stimulating takes into account the electric power network’s specificity and operating conditions, including the network losses (caused by electricity transmission), the transmission constraints and the broadly understood operational safety of the electric power system. The model of the area variation of electricity transmission marginal costs is also useful in electric power system development planning procedures.
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