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2017 | 2(9) Security Issues in Sub-Saharan Africa | 87-99

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Due to the escalation processes in Middle East and Persian Gulf, situation is being deteriorated and fueled in Sub-Saharan Africa and geopolitical uncertainties corroborating with emergence of asymmetric challenges (including illegal migration to the EU countries, spillover military conflicts from the Middle East region, fierce geopolitical competition between Russia and USA for dominance in Sub-Saharan Africa, ISIS and Al-Qaeda profound presence in the area linked with spreading international terrorism in this area, failed states dilemma, etc.) more transforming the region into “Rim of Instability” of global level. Despite of the international community efforts to deal with these challenges(particularly, with the great effort of the all four global power centers – the USA, Russia, EU and China as the national interests of even survival origin are foreseen in the region), it makes no sense to endorse stability climate and promote peacebuilding at the regional level. It is interesting to note that two global powers – Russia and USA are tailoring and exploiting in order to achieve their proper national interests and foreign policy missions, to implement new instrumental forms in order to promote these goals in aegis of the hybrid warfare strategies and to increase their so-called “soft power“ leverages thereof. Herewith interesting to mention that both Russia and USA have different approaches toward regional engagement with proper leverages and Hard Power vs. Soft Power is a real description of the engagement cases.



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