2014 | XCII (92) | 375-390
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Metody doboru członków rad nadzorczych spółek z udziałem Skarbu Państwa a kodeksy dobrych praktyk

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The methods of selection members of supervisory board in companies with state treasury shareholding and codes of the best practices
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The article presents an overview deliberations concerning the issue of organizational-legal aspects associated with processes of appointing supervisory boards members in companies with State Treasury Shareholding. The author paid special attention on such problems as: formal requirement for acting as representative of the Treasury in supervisory boards and the criteria of selecting supervisory board members to assure proper functioning of corporate supervision. A crucial element of conducted analyses was a comprehensive review of important document – the Ordinance No. 45 of the Minister of Treasury of 6 December 2007 on the principles for selecting candidates for the composition of supervisory boards of commercial companies with State Treasury shareholding. In the article was clearly underlined a very important fact, that the selection of candidates for representatives of the Treasury conducted through public qualification procedure, in accordance with the analyzing Ordinance No. 45 is applicable only in narrow group of enterprises, where the Treasury is represented by the Minister of Treasury. In case of other companies, being in supervisory owner’s of other ministers, these procedures are not in force. Another occurring controversial problem with the regulations resulting from Ordinance is the letter of Human Rights Defender, being a constitutional complaint about this document. In the next part author focuses on the new recommendations introduced in “Principles of Corporate Supervision over Companies with State Treasury Shareholding”. This document is an expression of expectations of state authority, legally responsible for protecting the interests of the Treasury, that is why could not be regarded as a normative act of government administration, but only as a standard-forming document. The study contains also own thoughts and author’s views, personal reflections and critical conclusions related to discussing and analyzing issues bases on observation the real processes of the management practices and conducted research.
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