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2018 | 27 | 1 | 67–84

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A Simulation of Natural Deduction and Gentzen Sequent Calculus


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We consider four natural deduction systems: Fitch-style systems, Gentzen-style systems (in the form of dags), general deduction Frege systems and nested deduction Frege systems, as well as dag-like Gentzen-style sequent calculi. All these calculi soundly and completely formalize classical propositional logic. We show that general deduction Frege systems and Gentzen-style natural calculi provide at most quadratic speedup over nested deduction Frege systems and Fitch-style natural calculi and at most cubic speedup over Gentzen-style sequent calculi.








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  • Department of Philosophy, Moscow State University, Lomonosovsky prospekt, 27-4, GSP-1, Moscow 119991, Russian Federation


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