2013 | 168 | 174-185
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Efektywność zamówień publicznych

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Public Procurement Effectiveness
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The subject of this article is identification of the structure of key issues related to the assessment of effectiveness of public procurement. These issues are generally discussed in two dimensions: (1) as a narrower question of the appropriate choice of evaluation criteria in individual orders, and (2) as a broader problem of assessing the effectiveness of the entire public procurement institutional systems. When it comes to evaluation criteria in individual orders, the subject of discussions are primarily two issues: (1.1) selection and proper definition of economic effectiveness criteria, and (1.2) the admissibility of non-economic criteria. The effectiveness of procurement systems as a whole may be assessed: (2.1) in a comparative manner, as one of alternative ways of delivery of public services, and (2.2) separately, for each individual system, related to its internal goals, functional and structural criteria.
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