2016 | 2(72) | 71-81
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Rol' finansovoho zabezpechennya okhorony zdorov"ya u dosyahnenni dobrobutu suspil'stva

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Rle f Finncil Helth Security in chieving Scil Welfre
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This rticle extends the cnceptul spce f the ctegry welfre by including number f indictrs tht chrcterize the stte f helth security in the sciety. The prpsed methdlgicl pprch llws t explin nd describe the mvement f finncil flws f the sciety nd mnitr chnges in the stte f welfre. Achieving welfre by the sciety presuppses building up finncil rchitectnics t direct the flws t the respective trgets. n imprtnt element f finncil rchitectnics enbling t cmpre the vlume f finncil resurces with humn develpment indictrs is welfre fund. The study clcultes the welfre fund resurces llcted t helthcre frm vrius surces. It is determined tht the min surce f finncil flws directed t the respective trgets is the generl fund f lcl budgets. There is ls develped n ecnmic nd mthemticl mdel which unites the respective welfre fund resurces nd number f hspitls with n verge life expectncy t birth.
  • Chir f Credit nd Finnce Schl f Ecnmics Vsyl Krzin Khrkiv Ntinl University
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