2014 | 3(352) | 212-234
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Kwestia odbudowy zabytkowych zespołów staromiejskich na Ziemiach Odzyskanych

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The Issue of Reconstruction of Monumental Old Town Complexes on the Recovered Territories
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Almost seventy years after the Second World War, the issue of rebuilding the towns on the Recovered Territories still holds valid. The experiences of the first years of restoration according to the program of the “Polish School of Conservation” continue to exert considerable influence on the vision of a model form of reconstructing ruined monumental old-town complexes. Regrettably, today a majority of the nearly three hundred historic towns on the Recovered Territories still remain in very bad state. Even though the largest urban centers were rebuilt during the first post-war years, they are presently in demand of verification. Middle-sized and small towns which are often developed in the form of modernist housing estates have lost continuity with their pre-war history, while others still remain unreconstructed assuming the form of extensive lawns. However, most often there is just a cacophony of the styles of reconstruction within the area of former monumental old-town complexes. A new form of reconstruction, known as “retroversion”, especially widespread in Polish cities after 1989, was seen as a hope for the recreation of central old-town complexes with reference to their historic shape. But this new wave of reconstruction of the lost structure of the model of a European city appears to lack a clear theoretical basis, so there is cause for serious concern as to whether the ongoing changes proceed in the right direction. Today we face the challenge of outlining a new program of reconstruction for the cities on the Recovered Territories.
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