2013 | 3 (32) | 72-94
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Metryka sprawy administracyjnej a standardy postępowania administracyjnego

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Administrative case sheet in terms of standards of administrative proceedings
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One of the standards applying to administrative proceedings is clar-ity, disclosure and transparency of initiated proceedings. Numerous mechanisms, provided for in relevant legal regulations, should facilitate implementation of that principle. One of the recent amendments to the Code of Administrative Proceedings, called „the Transparency Act”, pro-vides for a new mechanism to be introduced into administrative pro-ceedings, which, according to legislator’s purpose, is to ensure transpar-ency of conducted administrative cases. From March 7th, 2012, bodies conducting administrative proceeding, as well as their employees, have been obliged to set up a case sheet for most administrative and tax pro93 ceedings, aiming in particular at increasing transparency of individual officers’ participation in a process of solving citizens’ cases. Is this legis-lator’s purpose reflected in the actual situation? Considering all applica-ble regulations and experience in administrative practices, there are numerous concerns and comments questioning the validity of case sheet implementation or, at least, relevant rules related to it and specified by the Polish legislator. The said concerns and comments indicate noncon-formity between thus established mechanism and administrative pro-ceedings principles and standards, in particular, the principle requiring quickness and simplicity of proceedings, as well as that the idea of pro-ceedings disclosure and transparency, being the legislator’s purpose, has not been achieved. Many practical arguments indicate that the case sheet is rather one more bureaucratic tool in the administrative reality.
  • Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny im. KEN w Krakowie
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