2011 | 5 | 139-151
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Popularyzatorskie audycje radiowe i telewizyjne Alodii Kaweckiej-Gryczowej, czyli o tym jak Wietor pod Krakowem w błocie utknął

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“How the printer Wietor nearly drowned in mud near Cracow”: Popularisation of Book History on Radio and TV by Alodia Kawecka-Gryczowa
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In accord with her concept of constructing ‘workshops for enlightening and educating the society’ Professor Alodia Kawecka-Gryczowa was very keen on popularizing book history. Little wonder then that she let no opportunity pass to talk on the radio or the television about old prints, the National Library, or about books in general. The bibliography of her works prepared by A. M. Wolińska includes among other eight such programmes for the years 1974–1985, although Wolińska notices that, there must have been more. This statement found substantiation in the ‘Grycz papers’ bequeathed to the National Library – the folder Akc. 17978 holds typescripts of eleven radio and television programmes broadcast between 1950 and 1968, and two other with no dating. Unfortunately, the data provided by these papers does not allow a for more detailed historical description of these programmes, their dates of emission, length and producers. Neither can one find in this folder the screen-plays of the programmes listed by A. M. Wolińska, with the sole exception of the radio broadcast devoted to the printer Wietor, emitted in 1950. All the other materials come from the nineteen-fifties and the nineteen-sixties, which explains why they are not present in the Archives of the Polish Radio and Television – being either never recorded, or the tapes had been destroyed. The aforementioned folder also contains a number of catalogue cards on which one finds titles and shelf-marks of books, which were utilized by Gryczowa in her cooperation with the radio and television, although it is difficult to ascertain that all these books were gathered for programmes, in which Professor Gryczowa took part personally.
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