2017 | 17(24) | 77-91
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Od pierwszych pocałunków do podwójnej penetracji. Transformacja „szwedzkiego grzechu”

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From First Kisses to Double Penetration. Transformation of “Swedish sin”
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The article focuses on the development of “Swedish sin” in the twentieth century. The author deliberates on how the way of exposing nudity and sexuality in the Swedish cinema has changed over the years. He observes that it was Arne Mattson who broke down a cultural taboo by depicting the images of young and naked females, just a few years after World War II. Pictures of intercourses between the lovers shocked audiences in Western Europe, as well as in the United States. Although at that time the biggest authorities (with Ingmar Bergman ahead) started their fight for freedom of speech, the Swedish cinema soon began to be stigmatised and seen as obscene. It was related to the emerging of so-called “golden era of the Swedish porn” which had started in 1971, right after the abolition of porn prohibition. The author examines the chosen works of several important Scandinavian researchers to emphasise that what most people recognise as “Swedish sin” at the beginning used to mean idyllic love.
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