2008 | 7 - Przywódcy i przywództwo we współczesnej Afryce | 87-100
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Kryzys przywództwa RPA w regionie południa Afryki

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Leadership Crisis of the RSA in Southern Africa
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The Republic of South Africa is a regional power, and during the apartheid's rules it has interfered militarily and economically in many Southern African countries. After the peaceful democratic transformation it appeared that the RSA was naturally predisposed to play a role of regional leader because of its economic potential, models of solving internal political conflicts and demographic supremacy. However, internal problems are African National Congress's priority: education, poverty, racial inequality - all impossible to solve fast. Military expenditure has been reduced, therefore the RSA cannot take part in peace-keeping and peace-making missions in Sub-Saharan Africa on a large scale. The government operates on the global arena in order to improve its international position - it concerns co-operation between India and Brazil, demanding a permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council, organizing the FIFA World Cup in 2010. Meanwhile, there are numerous armed conflicts or dangers of relapses of such conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa. Besides, in the RSA's nearest international environment there is an oppressive dictator- ship in Zimbabwe, which has caused arrival of a few million immigrants and refugees to the RSA. Also, the majority of people suffering from AIDS live in Southern Africa. These three serious regional problems (conflicts, dictatorship in Zimbabwe and AIDS) demand an active leadership, but the Republic of South Africa is absorbed by internal affairs and not expensive acts on the global arena. Although it is considered as a natural regional power, its activity in Southern Africa is very limited.
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