1971 | 4 | 234-244
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Dział Zabytków Architektury i Urbanistyki ODZ

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As the tasks carried by this Division may be listed the following: a programmed gathering of documentations pertaining to monuments of architecture, building art and townplanning‘with a particular stress laid on the protection and conservation problems, their systematizing and making accessible to those interested. All the work is aimed at setting as complete as possible lists of monuments throughout the country at the same time applying the appraisal methods and preparing the detailed elaboration of selected problems. The range of materials gathered required the splitting of Division into three sections, namely that of Architecture and Building Art, Townplanning and the Photograpic Archive. In the Architecture and Building Art Section a card- index is available of architectural and building monuments existing on the whole territory of the country, comprising some 40,000 cards filed with the basic data for each object, its photographs and plan. This card- index was founded in the late 50’s under supervision of the Board of Museums and Historical Monuments Preservation and then in l©67-69 some improvements and supplementations have been introduced. At present the eard-index is being revised to contain the up-to-date data. The need to cover the most valuable monumental objects with the conservator’s protection had led in 1©6Д to verification of monuments which bas been carried out by the Board of Museums and Historical Monuments Preservation. As the result of that vérificative action in 1904 the „List of Architectural and Building Art Monuments in Poland” has been prepared by the Historical Monuments Documentation Centre forming a register, in principle, comprising all the monuments with their detailed locations classified into five evaluating groups. The above list in the course of recent years has been subjected to some corrections and extended due to the required alterations actualizing the list of objects and also some evaluating groups. Works have already been undertaken to prepare new edition titled „The Architectural and Building Art Monuments in Poland” in a changed arrangement and publishing forms (the separate volumes covering voivodships’ areas). Also the detailed data pertaining to individual objects have been extended. Up to now volumes covering the Białystok and Koszalin voivodships have left the printing press while the remaining are still in print or under preparation. The Section’s .collection comprises also the copies of some 10,000 conservators’ decisions qualifying the objects as historical monuments and covering monuments of ancient townplanning, those of architecture and building, parks, gardens and archaeological sites as well as an archive of inventory surveys totalling at present to some 200 items. In addition to the current works it is planned to execute an abbreviated list of parks and gardens, to undertake the preparation of detailed works devoted to monuments grouped chronologically or according to subjects and in the further future also to prepare the list of ancient timber buildings. The Townplanning Section has gathered a collection of 400 „Historical and Townplanning Studies” forming detailed documentation for conservators and covering the town quarters. The above .studies were executed by the State Ateliers for Historical Monument Conservation within the period of 1953.—'1970. This collection has been extended by TO new studies made to orders given by the Centre and it is planned to supplement it in the future. (In 1982-63 an abbreviated roll has been prepared of ancient towns resulting in 1;2|64 pieces of abbreviated documentations covering the same number of localities. In 1966—.1(970 a wide action was carried out with the aim to gather a collection of the bird’s eye views of several towns enabling to illustrate the present state of preservation of ancient townplanning systems. Thus, the Section achieved some 5,000 bird’s eye view photographs with respective negatives for some 700 localities exhibiting the greatest values of their architectural sites. In 1968 works were started at preparation of a .series titled „The Ancient Townplanning Systems in Poland”. The objective of that publication consists in giving an outline as to importance of tasks at the same time furnishing general foundations for the conservation policies with regard to protection of ancient townplannig systems. As the result of a draft classification of ancient townplannig systems it is planned to comprise some 500 towns with this publication. Photographic Archive. The tasks of this collection consist in gathering, preparing and making accessible the photographic documentation for monuments coming from all fields cf art in Poland, thus this section may be considered as one auxiliary for all the Centre’s Divisions; at present the stock gathered within this collection amounts to some 79,000 photographs and about 39,000 negatives. The collection was originally one with its stock growing in a fairly accidental manner, then considerable quantities of photographs were being purchased illustrating as great as possible numbers of monuments and particularly of those lesser known. • At present a principle has been adopted to plan the monographic documentations for individual objects or monumental groupings, taking into view the architecture, architectural detail, fittings and s.o., by purchasing the photographs only with accompanying 6 X 6 cm negatives. As a particularly valuable part ox the photographs collection should be mentioned here the unique .sets of photographs having the value of historic source material.
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