2014 | 4(30) | 255-279
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Evaluation of the Macedonian Transformation in the International Reports in the 2000s

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The author of the article presents the image of the Macedonian transformation dynamics according to the analysis of selected reports published annually by influential international research institutes, organizations and opinion‑forming media, which evaluate the political, economic and social situation in various countries of the world in the 2000s. The paper introduces the preliminary results of a research project involving critical analysis of reports on the situation in Macedonia and particular public policies of the Republic, which are included in publicly available and are cited – by politicians, the media, public opinion – international reports, which use the indicators commonly applied in the world. The main areas of analysis are: the degree of the competitiveness, economic freedom and rule of law on the market and the state; the level of the democracy, political rights and civil liberties; the degree of the equality and welfare of the society and – finally – the status in the security area, i.e. the main indicators of the peace and stabilization of the Republic of Macedonia.
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