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2019 | 7 | 1 | 127-142

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Media Discourses that Normalize Colonial Relations: A Critical Discourse Analysis of (Im)migrants and Refugees


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The im(migration) and refugee crisis that are being exacerbated under the Trump administration, is a manifestation of empire-building and the long history of colonization of the Global South. A Marxist-humanist perspective recognizes these as consistent aspects of a clearly racist global capitalism that functions in the interest of multibillion dollar U.S. –based corporations and increasingly transnational corporations. Trade agreements, international economic policy, political intervention, invasion or the threat of these, often secure corporate interests in specific countries and regions. The authors use critical discourse analysis to examine the discourses around Mexican, Central American, and Syrian im(migrants) and refugees as examples of how U.S. mainstream media discourses normalize relations of domination between the U.S. and the Global South and by extension, between its peoples. The article posits these communities as an important revolutionary class for today.









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  • Chapman University, Orange, California
  • Chapman University, Orange, California
  • Chapman University, Orange, California


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