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2018 | Volume 6 (2018) Issue No. 2: Economic Growth, Innovations and Lobbying | 51-64

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Evaluation of the economic indicators of a company-prosumer using photovoltaics


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The number of companies using photovoltaics for the purposes of self-production of electricity is increasing. Generally, we can observe a new category of economic subjects – prosumers, which are simultaneously consumers and producers of selected goods, in this case electricity. The main goal of this paper is to evaluate the economic parameters of the company-prosumer, focusing on a selected administrative building which consumes both electricity from the grid and self-produced electricity. The system is not equipped with a battery; therefore the entire amount of electricity produced is consumed within the company. Firstly, the policy background and a literature overview connected with the issue of prosumers will be presented. The methodological section will focus on data sources and parameters for the model of a companyprosumer and a description of economic indicators used in the evaluation. The technical and economic parameters of the case study will be described. The Results chapter will firstly show the possible relationships between the amount of electricity produced by the photovoltaic power plant and selected natural conditions of the locality. Subsequently, particular economic indicators for the selected company-prosumer will be presented, using two scenarios with different electricity price tariff regimes. Generally, the case study is focused on the photovoltaics installed on the roof of an administrative building located in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Based on the results from the developed company-prosumer model, we can say that the economic indicators of the particular photovoltaic projects, and simultaneously the payback period, are highly sensitive to the price of electricity purchased from the grid and to the particular purchase price tariffs.



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