1977 | 3-4 | 141-144
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Problemy konserwacji ubiorów

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The paper deals with the main problems involved in the conservation o f historical costumes. It is in this connection that the question is discussed o f preparation of a costume for washing, i.e. its partial or complete undoing. The modes of washing and drying are described and also those o f doubling the worn fabric of the dress and, finally, o f removing the traces of earlier conservation and remakings. The author’s attention is focussed on the methods tested at the workshop at the Rijskantikvarieämbetet (Office for National Historical Monuments), Stockholm, and its branch workshops applying the method of needle conservation. Proceding with her deliberations, the author describes the route on which the plan has been established o f the work on conservation of a Spanish court dress, dating from the early 17th century. The method discussed was worked at the National Museum, Cracow. The tradition is that the dress belonged to the Saxon Princess Magdalene Sybil. It is preserved at the National Art Collection (Historisches Museum) in Dresden. A direct model o f the conservation discussed was that o f a 15th century man’s suit, carried out at the worshop o f the Historical Museum in Bern.
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