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2015 | 2(40) | 89-99

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Identification of Business Processes in Integrated Structures


Title variants

Identyfikacja procesów biznesowych złożonych struktur

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The article describes the historical development of the concept of business process, the views of scientists and economists who have studied the issue is analyzed. Key characteristics of the categories of business processes were analyzed, and the typology concept definitions by different authors were researched. The prospects for further research are shown. Structure of the business process and its typical components are described. The classification of business processes, the potential contents and design of processes are given. The business process life cycle of a typical enterprise is analyzed.
W artykule opisano rozwój koncepcji procesów biznesowych w ujęciu historycznym. Dokonano analizy podstawowych kategorii procesów biznesowych i przestawiono ich typologie. Opisano struktury procesów biznesowych oraz ich klasyfikacje. Przeanalizowano cykl życia przedsiębiorstwa z punktu widzenia realizowanych procesów biznesowych.


  • University of Management and Administration in Zamosc
  • Lviv University of Business and Law


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