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2010 | 1 | 33-43

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Glokalizacja cyberaktywizmu


Title variants

Glocalization of cyberactivism

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The aim of the article is to look closely at the Internet actions of activists from the perspective of glocalization. It also aims at answering the question whether the Internet, as the basic tool of activists actions and internal and external communication, can be an independent and effective medium; in other words, can attention of wide public be won only thanks to the Web itself, without the use of mainstream media. Another question is, how is the flow of information, ideas or strategies directed: does the polycentric Web favour horizontal communication (between local units) or does it rather foster the vertical, but two-way path of communication, from the local to the global, and from the global to the local?



  • Dolnośląska Szkoła Wyższa


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