2014 | 22 | 1 | 1-6
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100. výročí vypuknutí „První světové války“

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100th Anniversary of the Outbreak of World War I
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This year we mark a centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, or the “Great War” as it was initially referred to. It was the worst military conflict that human civilization had ever witnessed. It also constituted a dramatic milestone in modern history as the previous development trends that had culminated and the problems that had accumulated in the world exploded in the conflict. The apocalyptic war triggered additional revolutionary changes in human civilization that marked the history of the whole 20th century so strongly that even now we have to cope with their consequences. These included a “latent” and therefore insufficiently comprehended contradiction between the already beginning “globalization” of the world and the unambiguous “state-nationalistic” policy of particular powers trying to solve the growing problems in favor of a grouping of several powers at the expense of their enemies. The present volume of the journal Moderní dějiny is dedicated to the above anniversary, but its contents are not monothematic. The editors endeavored to present a broader historical, civilizationrelated view of the First World War and its consequences. Therefore, the particular studies deal with such questions as solution to nationalist problems, Czechoslovak legions in Russia, wartime diplomacy, social conditions in the Bohemian Lands and the resistance in World War II, and activities of the “third” foreign resistance movement during the Cold War. A specific part deals with the radical changes in the position of nobility in society, which had been considered an elite social group prior to the war, but which had to cope after the war with the strong democratization of social conditions and with the pressure of the two totalitarian regimes, fascist and communist. All the topics discussed here are related to the causes, the course of events and the consequences of the First World War, and the Editors therefore hope that the readers will kindly approve of this specific approach to the present volume of Moderní dějiny.
  • Historický ústav AV ČR, Prosecká 809/76, 190 00 Praha 9, Czech Republic
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