2016 | 44 | 130-152
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Republika Natalii – państwo czy jego zapowiedź? Rozważania nad wczesnymi formami państwowymi wśród Burow w Natalu w latach 1838–1842

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The Natalia Republic – A State or a Declaration? Reflections on the Early Forms of State Amongst the Boers in Natal in the Years 1838–1842
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Was the Boer Republic of Natalia a state? The article discusses the question of whether the Natalia Republic was a state. Through the presentation of its history, its institutions and mechanisms of functioning, the author tries to present the character of this polity. He shows that in this case, one may observe the coexistence of institutions typical of the modern state and pre-state polities. This leads him to the conclusion that the Republic of Natalia was an unfinished project, and idea of a state, but not a state in the true sense of the word.
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