2019 | XXI/2 | 127-140
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Kilka uwag o mutowaniu postaci fikcyjnych i recepcji tekstów kultury na przykładzie powieści Alienista Caleba Carra i jej serialowej adaptacji

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Some Remarks on Mutations of Fictional Characters and the Reception of Cultural Texts Based on Caleb Carr’s Novel The Alienist and its TV Series Adaptation
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The Alienist, a TV series released in 2018, is based on Caleb Carr’s best-sell-ing novel published in 1994. Irrespective of its genesis as an adaptation, presently the TV series generates new senses when watched from the perspective of works that have appeared in visual culture since the publication of the book. This paper sets to demonstrate to what extent the original novel and later the TV production create a mutation of a well-known pair of detectives (Sherlock/Watson) and how the reception of the series may differ from that of the original novel.
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