2018 | 3 | 117-143
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Reformovaná teologie presbyteriánství v poetické imaginaci kancionálu Trinity Hymnal

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Reformed Theology of Presbyterianism in Poetic Imagination of the Trinity Hymnal
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The article concerns an aspect of the poetic imagination of hymns contained in the Trinity Hymnal and the way it expresses three selected theological topics of Presbyterian spirituality. The Trinity Hymnal is the primary hymnal of conservative Presbyterian Churches in the USA. First, the article analyzes the concept of poetic imagination as a language of spirituality, and briefly examines the role of hymns in the Reformed worship. Secondly, it summarizes three theological topics of Presbyterianism expressed in selected hymns of the Trinity Hymnal: Sola Scriptura, Creation and Human Nature and Destiny. The topics are theologically defined primarily by the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Five Points of Calvinism. They are then identified in the poetic imagination of selected hymns from the Trinity Hymnal. The aim of this article is to present examples of the poetic imagination of hymns, and their ability to express theological topics with depth and thus contribute to theological discourse, as well as to the life of the Church.
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