2014 | 1(41) | 353–361
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Opinia w sprawie możliwości zmiany po dniu 30 września roku poprzedzającego rok budżetowy treści wniosku składanego przez sołectwo na podstawie art. 4 ustawy z 20 lutego 2009 r. o funduszu sołeckim, w świetle ustawy z 27 sierpnia 2009 r. o finansach publicznych i ustawy z 8 marca 1990 r. o samorządzie gminnym, w związku ze zmianą do art. 4 ustawy o funduszu sołeckim zawartą w projekcie ustawy z druku sejmowego nr 1755

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Opinion on the possibility of change after 30 September of the year preceding the financial year of the content of the application submitted by sołectwo [rural administration unit] on the basis of Article 4 of the Act of 20 February 2009 on the Sołectwo Fund, in the light of the Act of 27 August 2009 on Public Finances and the Act of 8 March 1990, the Gmina Self-G overnment, in connection with the amendment to Article 4 of the Act on the Sołectwo Fund as contained in the bill published in Sejm Paper No 1755
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The subject of this opinion is to analyze certain provisions of the Deputy’s bill amending the Act on the Sołectwo [Rural Administration Unit] Fund (Sejm Paper No. 1755) allowing the change of the content of the sołectwo’s application after 30 September of the year preceding the financial year and governing the corrective actions on the sołectwo’s application. According to the author, the proposed provisions are not sufficiently precise and are not well synchronized with the provisions of the Public Finance Act. Moreover, the regulations contained in the bill are also, in her opinion, incomplete. Serious doubts are raised also by weakening the position of wójt [rural gmina leader] (mayor, president of the city) which is the executive body of gmina [municipality] and the organ preparing a draft budget of gmina and, then, executing it and – for that reason – responsible to sołectwo which is an auxiliary unit of gmina.
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  • Doktor nauk prawnych, adiunkt Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego
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