2012 | 5 | 121-133
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Między sacrum a profanum, czyli językowy obraz dwóch papieży w tekstach prasowych

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Between sacrum and profanum, a language image of two popes in selected press articles
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With reference to the research on the language of values and also the research on the poetics of sacrum, this article undertakes an attempt to answer the question relating to the system of values shown in the press articles referring to the two popes: the ‘Polish' John Paul II and his ‘German' follower Benedict XVI. Commented with pleasure in the press, the ambivalence of both Wojtyła and Ratzinger makes an interesting and a very diverse basis for the answer to the question, in what way the image of both popes is shaped in the press, and by what evaluative means this image is created. The investigative material consists of the press articles taken mainly from the Polish, and also marginally from the German, press. In the analysis of texts, the essential are not only the values of the particular words but also the whole syntactic and textual relations. They can be based on the meaning of the words valuing (either definitional or connotative), on relations between segments, and on conversational implicatures, in the meaning of Grice, initiated during the coding and decoding of texts with the speech not directly by using irony, metaphor, comparison, metonimy, allusion etc. The language realization of the values has been presented on the lexical, morphological, syntactic and stylistic planes.
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