2017 | 12 | 181-196
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The Popularization of English Language Learning in Primary Schools in Poland

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Accession of Poland to the European Union induced a variety of changes in different areas of life, including education. A second language was introduced as a compulsory subject in kindergarten and primary school and two compulsory foreign languages in general lower and upper secondary schools. English is the most popular of all languages in all types of schools, regardless of the level of education they represent. Globalization of the English language, the process which can be observed nowadays, has a significant impact on actions taken by schools to popularize learning this language. Therefore, the research was performed with a view to achieving a better understanding of the popularization of English language learning in primary schools in the larger context of a variety of factors. Basing on the analysis of research results, the conclusions reflecting real needs of learners as far as the more effective English language learning is concerned have been drawn. Sharing the research findings with the primary schools which participated in the research will contribute to their practical application.
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