2017 | 1 | Volume 1 No. 2/2017 | 121-130
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New rules of the contemporary war

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When examining security issues, the issue of war cannot be omitted, which is a source of enormous suffering, but also an incentive for technological innovation or a catalyst for social and political change. Although in the last decades the number of wars and their intensity has decreased, it still seems that they need a huge amount of money. It is also expensive to create weapon systems to ensure victory if a war occurs in the future. Discussions on what a war currently is are accompanied by the belief that it is distinctly different from wars in the past. Every age created its own art of war, which has changed in terms of measures, principles, and methods of fight over the centuries. The aim of the article is to present new tools and ways of conducting military action in the face of new threats in the 21st century. In addition to describing the new conditions of warfare, non-state irregular armed forces as participants of modern armed conflicts has been presented. In the study, the topic of using modern technology, unmanned detection and destruction systems, precision weapons and stealth technology has also been explored.
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