2015 | 4(451) | 225-235
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Wstęp do poetyki newsów

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Introduction to Poetics of News
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Currently, in the era of development of poetics of news, every day we have contact with multiple news-delivery formats and multiple-faceted structures. Their skilful use contributes to better fluidity, variety and attractiveness of the presented content. The basic condition that must be met then, however, is readability and clarity of the design of a particular edition, which serve to provide the necessary balance between the compact, condensed form of microstylistics of a single news item and widespread macrocomposition of the offered form of news delivery. A single news item increasingly loses its autonomy, as it is related to other news. Microimage of the world, which is the subject of a news item, is gaining clarity and occasional consistency of the higher level in correspondence with macroimage created jointly with other news. In everyday information practice and the poetics of the news, intertextual dimension determines the attractiveness of news, it depends on the composition of the particular material and the position of a news item in the hierarchy of importance. Attractiveness of a single news item corresponds to attractiveness of the higher level whole prepared by a broadcaster. In this way the new information quality is created, which is not the sum of news items, but the composite value resulting as much from the content, as from the deliberate hierarchisation of the elements used. News as a form of utterance and a communication genre is neither simple nor primitive. As a specific, internally-organised form of delivering a message, it had a considerable variety of forms and genres in the past; the same situation applies to the present times, when we may notice the expansion of news not recorded before in the history of mankind.
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