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2019 | 28/1 | 77-88

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Forever Displaced?: Identity, Migration, and the Concept of Home in the Works of Manzu Islam, Neamat Imam, and Tahmima Anam.


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This paper explores the meaning of identity and nation, home and belonging, through the study of internal and international migration in three novels. In doing so it encoun- ters the construction of collective identity in Manzu Islam’s Song of our Swampland, the dystopian dislocation in Neamat Imam’s The Black Coat and the concept of meta-home in Tahmima Anam’s The Bones of Grace. The complex, unstable space of diaspora seems ever evolving and forever shifting. Here ‘home’ becomes what Homi K. Bhabha has ex- pounded as “a mythic place of desire.” In this fluid construction of diasporic existence the paper examines the concepts of “de-territorialization,” “unhoming,” “dislocation,” “iden- tity,” and “belonging.”


  • International Islamic University Chittagong


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