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2014 | 27 | 129–150

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‘It Might Come in Useful’ – Scavenging among the Monks from the Hermitage in MMA 1152



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The article explores the meaning of the presence of evidently reused objects in the hermitage installed in the Theban tomb MMA 1152. These objects could not have been deposited there accidentally, because the hermitage is off the beaten track and at fairly elevated height, hence anything ‘dropped’ inside it must have been brought there on purpose. There is much to say that the monks collected these objects with some practical purpose in mind. Examples discussed in the article sound a cautionary note: not every object found on an archaeological site can be considered as originating from it and used there originally. Things could have been adapted and even transferred from other places. Such observations of apparently secondary importance can fill out significantly the picture of everyday life of the resident(s) of the hermitage and draw a picture of a devout monk who was at the same time both thrifty and inventive.


  • Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie


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