2014 | 2(44) | 62-81
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Porównanie czasów kompletacji zamówień dla różnych sposobów wyznaczania trasy magazynierów na przykładzie dużego centrum logistycznego

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Comparison of order-picking times for different routing methods in real large logistics centre
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The paper presents a case study of one of the picking zones of real Polish logistics centre of automotive parts and accessories. The aim of the study was to compare the effectiveness of different order-picking methods. The work organization in the warehouse was briefly presented. Then different routing methods in the one block rectangular warehouse were described (heuristics and optimal algorithm). The paper compares different variants of order-picking process and presents their ranking. The graphs of cumulative distribution functions of order-picking time may help the survey. The analysis was based on real data. Calculations were performed using a simulation with the use of Warehouse Real-Time Simulator.
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