2019 | 2 | 1 | 38-48
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The Relationship Between Artificial Intelligence, Human Communication and Ethics. A Futuristic Perspective: Utopia or Dystopia?

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In today’s society, Artificial Intelligence is continuously evolving, with remarkable speed and it has a considerable impact on the community as a whole, starting with medicine, education, industry, and it affects communication in human relations. Once one can no longer deny this technological advancement with many implications on our lives, a new topic of discussion and academic research arises: to what extent will it be necessary to redefine the parameters of communication and the relationships between the individual, the group, the society, and the Artificial Intelligence. The present research tackles several problematic aspects related to AI in the present and some that may arise in the near future when robots will probably become a commodity. First, the author will investigate the communication relationship between AI and the individual, now, given the fact that the excessive use of technology recalibrates and reformulates the way one perceives and envisages the harmony and the efficiency of the communication process. Second, the connection between AI and ethics is another topic of high interest now, and even though the flourishing development of AI supposedly has as a mission the benefit of humankind, many ethical dilemmas keep arising and feed collective social anxiety, while no satisfying and consistent solutions seem to be found. Globalisation and technological progress mark another turning point for contemporary society, which witnesses an unforeseen academic impasse of knowledge, meaning that it is prone to reconfigure stable academic disciplines and to estimate the emergence of new ones, dictated by post-contemporary global necessities. For example, the ethics of robots or AI has high chances to become a well-established academic discipline soon, given the present turbulent and dynamic technological context, constantly shaping humanity’s life. Considering the future implications of ethical and communication nature becomes a stringent necessity even at its earliest stages, not only for researchers of various departments and ethics committees but also for governments, corporations, and other industry branches. Therefore, creating and engraving a culture of social responsibility towards AI represents one of the most difficult challenges of our times, and finding the balance will make the difference between utopia and dystopia, where AI is a miracle... or an evil.
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