2011 | 37 | 1 | 83-92
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Foucault w oczach polskiej socjologii. Mediocentryczny punkt widzenia

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The Reception of Foucault by Sociologists from a Media-Centric Point of View
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The paper deals with the reception of the topics connected with Foucault (well known French philosopher) oeuvre in Polish sociological literature. My point of view was inspired by sociology of knowledge and mixed with genology - the science of the genres of literature. What types of sociological literature focus mainly on acquisition of Foucauldian themes, concepts and strategies on the sociological ground? Encyclopedias, textbooks, treatises or secondary literature - reviews or contributions to other issues? What are the principal domains of circulation of the Foucault’s ideas? The reputation of a postmodern thinker made them an ambiguous figure, being at the same time a classical and marginal thinker, a member of international scholar community and an "impossible" or "dangerous" thinker. What is the intellectual benefit of Foucault in sociology? And finally, what barriers separate him from sociology?
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