2011 | 17 | 265-275
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Abecadło i propaganda. Cele jawne i ukryte tekstów do nauki elementarnej dorosłych w latach 1945–1972

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Alphabet and Propaganda. Explicit and Implicit Goals of Texts for Elementary Education of Adults in the Years 1945–1972
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According to the words of Vladimir Lenin, “The illiterate can not build socialism”. Therefore the liquidation of illiteracy had a strategic role — it was not just about providing citizens with basic skills, to facilitate the daily life, but also (and perhaps even primarily) about shaping their social consciousness. This thesis illustrates the already "Regulation of conducting primary education" courses ("Regulamin pracy kursów nauczania początkowego"), which defines the purpose of education of adult illiterates in two sections. The first one talks about acquisition (typical for this level of teaching) skills in reading, writing and counting. While the second subsection says the acquisition “basic information about People’s Republic of Poland, about the forces of democracy camp fighting under the chairmanship of the Soviet Union for freedom, justice, prosperity, progress and peace”. Such objectives suggest the indoctrinatinating nature of texts for primary education of illiterate adults. Article proves this thesis by analyzing the same primers and archival materials (Central Office for the Control of the Press, Publications and Performances, Ministry of Education, Office of Government Plenipotentiary for the Eradication of Illiteracy) as well as literature, trying also to show the mechanisms of indoctrination.
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