2012 | X | 3 | 9-19
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Wyjątki ex definitione w prawie do życia w Europejskiej Konwencji Praw Człowieka

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Exceptions ex definitione to the right to life in the European Convention of Human Rights
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The aim of the paper is to present selected questions connected with man’s right to life as contained in the international law, in the system accepted by the Council of Europe. In particular, the author concentrates on exceptions to the right to life: the problem of the Capital Punishment and cases of applying absolutely necessary force, which can result in the death of human beings, as seen against the background of the European Convention on Human Rights. The right to life is the most fundamental of all rights. It constitutes a condition and a premise to make use of all the other rights. It also is an absolute and irrevocable right. The right to life is a frequently used expression, especially in the context of the possibility of a loss of human lives. The term appears, too, a good number of times in the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights. This particular right is founded on the prohibition of intentional deprivation of life, with the exception of death penalty. The European Convention accepts also cases of application of absolutely necessary force, excluding them from the prohibition. It is in this way, in short, that the European standards relate to this question. In the paper, the author refers a few times to judgments of the European Court of Human Rights. It can be concluded that it makes the basis of effective work, since it is there that – in an extensive manner – the key aspects of the right to life, its temporal limits, prohibition of deprivation of life (the Capital Punishment) or premises to use absolutely necessary force have been explained.
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