2013 | 902 | 53-63
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Promowanie „zielonego rozwoju” a konkurencyjność przemysłu

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The Promotion of „Green Development” and Industrial Competitiveness
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Politicians as well as scientists are involved in the fight against climate change. People around the world are more aware of the need to be concerned about the environment. But the most important issue is the introduction of structural changes in economies, starting with changes in different branches of industry. This article presents examples of European and American companies bringing in new technologies to improve production processes so as to be more efficient and low-carbon emitting. It is also important to introduce changes in finished products that should be more environmentally friendly. Attempts have been made by companies functioning in the same industry to promote environmentally friendly technologies. That co-operation extends to the search for methods to help take advantage of by-products in an economical way as well to protect the natural environment.
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